Email ticket fee-based Guidance

We have thousands of hours of research completed and have assisted disaster victims since August 15, 2016 after our experience with the Great Flood of 2016 in Louisiana.
Our guidance is designed to assist you with your disaster recovery path. We understand you are creating a program and blazing a path of your own, but at times you might need a little more research on select topics and need our help with tracking down support documents that can serve you. 

Our research guidance is our way of working with you and your disaster recovery. We don't actually do the work for you. We will offer guidance so you can take the next step and with the correct amount of research materials in hand you'll have your best effort with your disaster recovery process ready to go.

There are no guarantees with any disaster that you will not suffering physical and financial losses. We estimate that every disaster that hits business or homeowners reduces wealth on average of 30%. This is why we need to focus on recovery and reducing losses and additional debt burden caused by the disaster.  

How it works. 
  1. Use the Contribute / Support page to select the amount you wish to contribute for email guidance.
  2. Create your TruckAndTools.Com portal account.
  3. Create your ticket and submit your question, concern, issue.
We focus on email tickets from within the portal so we can track your progress and have all related resources linked from one screen. This is a best effort service provided by Murray W. and supported by your contributions.
Thank you.